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Terms & Conditions

INTER CHALET - Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


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Terms & Conditions (PDF)

According to the Travel Regulations implemented on 01 July 2018, your contract partner HHD GmbH with the brand INTER CHALET, hereinafter called INTER CHALET, is no longer subject to the Package Travel Regulations. However, INTER CHALET resolved to continue being guided by the approved guidelines for the benefit of the traveller as well as the main points of the contract concluded between you and INTER CHALET to be subject to the new Package Travel Regulations. Through an arrangement with Zurich Insurance plc., INTER CHALET has secured your claim for reimbursement of the travel price in the event of an insolvency of INTER CHALET. Furthermore, the provisions concerning cancellation prior to arrival (§ 651 h of the BGB, German Civil Code) and claims in case of defects (§§ 651 i-q) shall apply to you accordingly. Additionally, the following Terms & Conditions which elaborate on and supplement the statutory provisions shall apply. Upon booking, all customers accept these Terms & Conditions as binding upon themselves and the persons for whom the booking is made.


Conclusion of travel contract

Bookings can be made in writing with your travel agency or in writing, by phone or by email at INTER CHALET or online. Your booking forms the basis of a contract with INTER CHALET, and you are committed to it until INTER CHALET gives you a written confirmation or refusal. The electronic acknowledgement of receipt is not a confirmation of the acceptance of the booking order. The scope and type of services to be provided by INTER CHALET as part of the holiday agreement are covered solely by the descriptions, illustrations and rates in the INTER CHALET brochures and on our homepage or the latest information online valid for the period of travel.

The contract will come into effect as soon as INTER CHALET sends a booking confirmation on a durable medium, which will be done by return but not later than 7 days after the booking has been made. With your booking confirmation, you will receive the Confirmation for voluntary Insurance for Single Travel Services.

We point out that the right of withdrawal does not apply for the offered services according to statutory provision of applicable law according to §§ 312 et sqq. The regulations at “cancellation” in these terms and conditions apply.

INTER CHALET reserves the right to correct obvious mistakes, e.g. those based on printing or mathematical or allocation errors online.

The subletting of holiday homes and holiday apartments of
INTER CHALET is not permitted. Neither is the commercialisation as tour operator with own pricing.

We are happy to accept customer requests at the time of booking and will forward them to the landlord or caretaker. Please note, however, that INTER CHALET cannot guarantee that these requests will be fulfilled. Special requests, conditional bookings and subsidiary verbal agreements will not become valid until confirmed in writing by INTER CHALET.

When booking ferries and rental cars as well as rental properties by the company Interhome AG, INTER CHALET only takes the function of an intermediary. The business conditions/ cancellation conditions of the respective service provider or Interhome AG form the basis for these bookings.


Payment / Travel Documents

The payment is made by credit card/debit card, direct debit, PayPal or bank transfer. Payment by credit card/debit card or PayPal is mandatory for customers living outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
The down payment is 20 % of the travel price. The amount is due immediately after receipt of the booking confirmation. The final payment will be deducted 4 weeks prior to the travel date. For bookings within 4 weeks prior to the travel date the total amount has to be paid immediately. Your travel documents will be sent to your travel agency or directly to you by post or e-mail. In case we have not received the down and / or final payment within the indicated periods, we have the right to withdraw from the travel contract after sending a reminder with a given deadline and to charge cancellation fees according to our terms & conditions.


Special conditions and notes

The services provided by us are generally not suitable for people with restricted mobility, however, we would be happy to assist in individual cases.

Local service charges: In accordance with a ruling by the BGH (Federal Supreme Court), fixed costs payable in any case are included in the total price. Variable costs, which depend on the number of party members, the composition of the party or on consumption (e.g. visitor's tax, electricity, gas, heating, fire wood, water, bed linen), are paid to the landlord or caretaker, depending on the use made of them at the holiday destination. The payment is normally cash. Any local service charges mentioned in the house description refer to all guests including children and babies. Please note the relevant details under “Local service charges” within the individual property descriptions. Local service charges, which do not depend on consumption, must be paid on arrival.

Landlords or caretakers have the right to request an appropriate deposit when they hand over the keys. The deposit is usually paid cash in EUR. Credit cards are not accepted unless otherwise stated in the property description. The deposit will be refunded when the rented property is returned in proper condition. In some cases the deposit will only be refunded by bank transfer after the departure of the customer. Refunds are made without prejudice to possible compensation claims by landlords. In this context, INTER CHALET reserves the right to forward the client’s address details to the landlord based on the Article 6 (1) (f) GDPR. The mobile phone number as well as the indicated e-mail address may be forwarded to the landlord for an effective communication on arrival day based on Article 6 (1) (b) GDPR.
Neither the deposit and the deposit procedure forms nor the settlement of the local service charges is part of the holiday agreement with INTER CHALET in its capacity as a tour operator.

The rate of visitor's tax at the individual locations cannot be specified in the house description because the exact amounts are not always fixed at the time of going to print. Depending on the location, the cost can range from approx. € 0.50 to € 7 per person/ day (there may be a reduced rate for children). The visitor´s tax has gradually been introduced in Italy and Spain. It will constantly expand over additional cities and areas. The rate of the visitor´s tax may differ depending on local authorities and regions.

Basic cleaning is always carried out by the tenant, irrespective of whether the landlord carries out the final cleaning.
Basic cleaning includes cleaning of the kitchen, washing and putting away dishes, removing all remaining food and waste, stripping off the bed linen and sweeping or vacuum cleaning all rooms, so that the rented property is clean and tidy for the next tenant.
Final cleaning additionally includes thorough cleaning of the kitchen/kitchenette and bath/shower/WC as well as mopping the floors. With many properties you have the option of cleaning the holiday cottage yourself or having it cleaned by the landlord for an appropriate fee. You will find information about this in the respective property description.


Each property description indicates whether bed linen and towels are provided or whether you have to bring them with you or have the possibility of hiring them on-site. The standard width of queen-size and double sofa beds is 1.40 m.

If it is possible to hire bed linen and/ or towels at the location and you wish to avail of this service, please specify this at the time of booking. Tea-towels are sometimes provided by landlords, but we generally recommend that you bring your own. You always have to bring your own pool or beach towels. You will almost always have to bring toilet paper as well as washing-up liquid and detergent.

The property description will tell you whether additional beds and/ or toddler beds are available. In general, bed linen for toddler beds has to be brought along. Please check whether a toddler bed is included in the stated maximum number of persons, or whether another person can effectively be accommodated in the rented property. The toddler beds are normally suitable for children up to two years. Additional beds and toddler beds must be requested in advance and in some cases they have to be reconfirmed. The voucher has to have a corresponding note. Normally only one additional bed or one toddler bed is available.

The relevant property description will also tell you whether or not a pet (dog or cat only) is allowed. Even if a pet is allowed in the property, prior notification must always be given when booking and an indication must be given of type and size. Permission applies basically to only one pet, unless otherwise stated in the property description.
If pets are not allowed, this does not necessarily mean that there will not be pets in the house, holiday complex etc., or that pets may not occasionally be kept in the property you have booked. This can, for instance, depend on the structure of a holiday complex with some private properties which cannot be regulated in this way, or on whether the landlord of a country property keeps a dog himself and wants to avoid conflict with visiting dogs.
In case pets are basically allowed, that does not necessarily mean, that you can bring them everywhere. In almost all holiday resorts, dogs are e.g. not allowed at public places such as pool and green areas or restaurants. Often, dogs have to be kept on lead. It is beyond question, that dogs are also NOT allowed in the pools of all detached houses. Pets must not be left alone in the property.
In almost all countries, the new European Union pet passport with a registered rabies inoculation is required for dogs and cats. For identification, the animals must have a microchip under the skin. For certain breeds, especially fighting dogs, many countries impose severe import regulations or forbid their import at all. Please contact in time your veterinarian or the internet for information.


Full crockery and cutlery is usually provided in the holiday cottages and apartments for the number of persons booked. Technical household appliances, for example, fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher, coffee machine or washing machine, are only provided if they are explicitly mentioned in the description.

Heating Apartments and holiday cottages in summer regions, especially in the South, do not always have heating. As a rule, central heating as well as gas, electric, kerosene or wood/pellet stoves are operated by the tenants, information on how to use them can be provided by the landlord/caretaker.

TV/ TV reception: TV in the property description indicates a colour television. If satellite or cable TV is available, this will be indicated in the text by “satellite TV” or “cable TV”. The reception of channels in the guests’ respective language cannot be guaranteed.

Internet/ Wi-Fi is only available when stated explicitly in property description. We do not furnish a guarantee for the constant availability, compatibility or security. It is up to the customer to take necessary precautions for their end devices. The usage may be limited. Internet access/ Wi-Fi is generally for the purpose of a holiday, i.e. not suited for business purposes and the like. The
usage of internet/ Wi-Fi is at your own risk. When using internet/ Wi-Fi the user has to adhere to applicable law. This applies in particular regarding the illegal uploading of files and material (i.e. movies, music) which are protected by copyright but are still made available on the web illegally via file sharing networks and the like. You are also responsible to point out the applicable law to any people who are travelling with you (including underage persons) and to undertake control measures. In case of a negligent failure to fulfill your obligations, according to this text “internet/ Wi-Fi”, you exempt us from any third party claim.

If garden furniture is stated in the property description, it does not necessarily mean that there is a garden chair for every person. This also applies to deck chairs, which are often limited. For hygienic reasons the cushions for the deck chairs are not provided by the owner. Deck chairs and sunshades are only provided, if they are mentioned in the property description.


The property description also indicates whether a holiday cottage or holiday complex has a swimming pool. Usually, the opening times are also stated. Please note, however, that the indicated season start and end dates may change according to weather conditions. For pools in holiday complexes etc. please observe the opening hours specified by the management and any special bathing regulations or prohibitions. These can concern e.g. wearing of bathing shorts in the pool, bringing of balls, airbeds and similar in the pools or the duty of wearing swimming caps (especially in Italy).

Tenants are entitled to use the whole of the rented property including furniture and utensils. They undertake to treat the rented property, its furnishings and fittings and any communal facilities with the utmost care. They are obliged to make good any damage caused during the rental period due to negligence by themselves or their companions or guests.

It is not permitted to bring along electronic devices which have a high consumption of resources, i.e. air conditioning, mini pools etc.

For reasons of organization and control, in some holiday complexes, the wearing of a bracelet is obligatory.

The maximum number of persons stated in the description and confirmed on the voucher must not be exceeded by the guests and their potential visitors. The maximum number of persons also includes children and babies, unless otherwise agreed with INTER CHALET and confirmed on the voucher. If the maximum number of persons is exceeded by guests and their potential visitors, the landlord has the right to refuse or evict those over the limit or to demand a proportion of the rental plus extras.

Special offers: For special offers, e.g. 3 for 2, 14 for 10 or 7 for 5, for percentage reductions of the travel price and for specials such as early booking discounts and reductions for elderly persons and families, any variable additional costs must be paid for the full duration of the stay. If, in the case of special offers, the stay extends over two different holiday seasons, the discount will always apply to the lower weekly/daily price.


The arrival time is between 4.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. on the day of arrival. If you realize during your journey that you cannot arrive at the agreed time, it is necessary to inform the caretaker straight away and in due time. He will then try his best to arrange your check-in, possibly charging a fee. Be aware that a late check-in nevertheless cannot be guaranteed. Please check your travel documents for different arrival times.
For organisational reasons, other nonconforming arrival days are often NOT possible. In each case, a different arrival time than the one confirmed on your booking confirmation must be requested at INTER CHALET. If it is possible INTER CHALET will send you a written confirmation.
On the day of departure according to the booking confirmation the rented property must be vacated no later than 10.00 a.m. and handed over to the landlord or his authorised representative cleaned and in the same conditions as when it was accepted. Please check your travel documents for different departure times. The address for the hand-over of the keys may differ from the address of the holiday home.


Amendments of contract terms before travelling

INTER CHALET can change the performance characteristics of the journey provided that the amendments or deviations are not considerable and do not affect the overall design of the journey and provided that they were not caused in bad faith. The customer will be informed about the amendment in a durable medium immediately upon knowledge of the reason for amendment.

In the event of a considerable amendment of contract you have the right to either accept the amendment within the time limit stipulated in the amendment notification or to withdraw from the contract free of charge or to accept an alternative journey if we have offered you one. If you do not notify us within the time limit specified by us, the proposal to amend the contract terms will be deemed to be accepted. Any warranty claims remain unaffected.



You may cancel your booking at any time prior to the start of the holiday. The date your cancellation instruction is received by
INTER CHALET shall be the decisive date. If the booking was made with a travel provider, the cancellation can also be performed by the travel agency. It is in your own interest to notify cancellations in writing.

If you cancel your booking before the start of your holiday, the claim for appropriate compensation supersedes the claim for the travel price. In the event of unavoidable extraordinary circumstances at the destination or in close proximity that have a substantial effect on the realization of the journey or the transport of tenants to the destination, INTER CHALET cannot claim compensation. Circumstances are considered unavoidable and extraordinary if they are outside of INTER CHALET’s control and their consequences could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken.

INTER CHALET has determined the following compensation rates considering the period between cancellation and the start of the holiday as well as the expected saved expenses and the expected earnings utilizing the travel performances in another way.

We normally calculate standardized cancellation charges as follows:
– up to 43 days before arrival 10% of the total price,
– 42 to 29 days before arrival 50% of the total price,
– 28 to 2 days before arrival 80% of the total price,
– the full cost of the holiday will be charged for later cancellation and non-arrival.

As a hirer you retain the right to prove to INTER CHALET that no damage or considerably less damage than the stipulated cancellation charge was caused. On your demand we are obliged to justify the amount of the compensation. INTER CHALET can rescind the contract before the start of the holiday if unforeseeable and unavoidable circumstances make it impossible to fulfil the contract. In this case, INTER CHALET loses the entitlement to claim the travel price.

The cancellation procedure will differ from the provisions stipulated above, if you make use of your right to provide a replacement tenant. This, however, is conditional on INTER CHALET as the tour operator being given firm notice well in advance of the departure date, so that the necessary alternative arrangements can be made. It is also conditional on the replacement tenants satisfying the special conditions applicable to the holiday and not contravening any legal requirements or official regulations. When the change of name is confirmed by the tour operator, the new participant will assume the rights and obligations of the contract. For each such procedure a charge of Euro 20 will be made to cover the costs incurred by INTER CHALET in making the change.


Termination for behavioural reasons

INTER CHALET may terminate the travel contract without adhering to a time limit if the traveler strongly disturbs the execution of the journey or endangers third parties or acts contrary to contract in any way. In this case the travel price expires, possible saved expenses or benefits will be credited to ulterior use, including possible credited amounts of the funding agency.


Liability / Limitation of liability

INTER CHALET’s liability for the violation of contractual obligations which are not physical injuries shall be limited to three times the total rental price, provided that damage to the tenant was not occasioned malicious ly. Any possible additional claims according to international agreements or legal provisions based on such remain unaffected by these limitations.


Duty to cooperate, assertion of claims (addressee, statutory limitation, consumer dispute resolution)

As a customer you must inform INTER CHALET or your travel provider if you do not receive the required travel documents within the time limit stipulated by us. In the event of a default in performance, statutory provisions require that you take all reasonable steps to help remedy the problem and minimize or prevent any ensuing damage. This specifically entails an obligation to report complaints without delay. Culpable failure to comply will bar you from making any claims in this respect. If your holiday is not supplied in accordance with the terms of our contract or if you find a fault in the rented property you can request remedial action.

If this happens you should immediately contact us directly or through your travel agency preferably by phone, but also by email at

Postfach 5420, 79021 Freiburg, GERMANY

Tel. + 49 (0) 761 21 00 77

Office address, e.g. for special delivery letters:
Heinrich-von-Stephan-Str. 25
79100 Freiburg, GERMANY

so that appropriate action can be taken to check the complaint and, if necessary, to remedy the problem or provide redress.

Service providers (landlords, caretakers, agencies etc.) do not operate as tour managers and are not representatives of
INTER CHALET, nor are they authorized to accept claims or to make or receive legally binding statements.

Claims against INTER CHALET for failure to perform or improper performance of the services agreed in our contract may be filed after the contractual end of the holiday, and we strongly advise that these be made in writing.

Your travel provider (travel agency, internet portal or website, etc.) is entitled to accept claims for guarantee and compensation on your behalf and forward them to INTER CHALET.

Claims are conditional on the performance or substitute performance of services accepted by you not having been provided as agreed in our contract, on your immediate notification of defective performance, and of adequate remedial action not having been taken. You can terminate the holiday contract if the holiday has been substantially impaired by defective performance. As a rule this is conditional on whether you have given INTER CHALET an appropriate period of notice to take remedial action and this period having elapsed with no result.

A period of notice is not required when remedial action is refused by INTER CHALET in its capacity as tour operator, or if immediate remedial action is required.


Claims by the customer are subject to a limitation period of 2 years according to § 651 i paragraph 3 BGB (German Civil Code). The limitation period begins on the day the journey ends according to the contract. Statutory provisions regarding the suspension of the period of limitations (§§ 203 ff. BGB) apply in this case also without any restriction.
The limitation period for claims by the customer regarding damage to life, body or health, deliberate or negligent breach of duty on the part of INTER CHALET, a legal representative or an agent of
INTER CHALET as well as from other statutory provisions than § 651 (i) section 3 BGB (e.g. according to §§ 241 section 2, 311, 832 ff. BGB) is subject to the respective statutory provisions.

INTER CHALET does not take part in a voluntary dispute resolution procedure before a dispute resolution body for consumers.

Referring to all travel contracts concluded in electronic legal transactions, INTER CHALET points out the European online dispute resolution platform


Privacy Proctection

The privacy policy applies to personal data processed by us in connection with these Terms & Conditions. You will find our privacy policy at



Apart from the voluntary Insurance for Single Travel Services, insurance is currently (until 31 December 2018) not included in the service we have agreed to provide We advise you to take out INTER CHALET basic travel cancellation insurance cover when making your booking. Any insurance premiums are due in full together with a down payment of 20 % of the total price.

For every booking from 01 January 2019 we have taken out a travel cancellation insurance within the scope of a group insurance contract with the German insurance company Europäische Reiseversicherung AG. This insurance is included in the rental price. All participating travellers join this group insurance contract automatically as insured person upon booking. You will receive a booking confirmation along with the insurance certificate that contains the conditions and further details.

As a rule, personal liability insurance covers also damages in holiday cottages and apartments which are caused by you as customer. We recommend checking if your insurance company covers such damages also abroad as well as purchasing additional travel insurance.


Passport, Visa and Health Requirements, Customs and Exchange Control Regulations

To enter the countries Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Croatia, The Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic and Hungary, citizens of the European Union need a valid passport or identity card. Children younger than 16 need their own identity card or passport. For entering into the Czech Republic, children younger than 16 need their own identity card with photo. 

To enter the USA, citizens of the European Union need an electronic passport which must be valid at least until the departure date, child identity cards and entries in parent’s passports, in order to enter the country without visa, are not accepted anymore. Please note, that the US government prescribes an Electronic System for Travel Authorization - ESTA - by law for travellers to the USA from countries without a general visa requirement. Please view for entry requirements (e.g. a visa may be required). Citizens of Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Romania and Cyprus need visas to travel to the United States. We recommend you to inform yourself in this regard prior to your booking. There are currently no vaccination or health requirements.

You are responsible for complying with any regulations necessary for the performance of the holiday (travel documents, vaccinations, exchange control regulations, customs regulations and possible import requirements for your pet). Any costs incurred as a result of failure to comply with these regulations, particularly the payment of cancellation charges, will be your responsibility unless they were due to culpable provision of incorrect information of a failure to provided information by INTER CHALET. 

Citizens of other countries will receive adequate information from their consulate.


Court of Jurisdiction, Choice of Law and other provisions

Applicable law to the contractual relationship between customer and INTER CHALET is exclusively governed by German law. This also applies to the entire legal relationship. For any customer complaints from abroad against INTER CHALET, where INTER CHALET’s liability may not be applied on the merits of German law, German law will be exclusively applied with respect to any legal consequences, particularly in terms of type, scope and level of customer claims.
Court of Jurisdiction Is the customer’s domicile situated in Germany, the respective Court of Jurisdiction for customer claims against INTER CHALET as well as INTER CHALET claims against the customer is subject to statutory regulations. If the customer or the contractual partner are either merchant, legal entity under public or private law, or a person whose domicile or habitual residence is abroad or whose domicile or habitual residence at the time of action is not known, the Court of Jursidiction shall be the INTER CHALET’s place of business; the rules regarding enforcement of payment according to §§ 688 ff.ZPO (Code of Criminal Procedure) remain unaffected.
Other provisions Above regulations do not apply
- when and if, according to compulsive regulations of international agreements which can be applied to the holiday contract between the customer and INTER CHALET, other regulations are in favour of the customer; or
- when and if compulsive regulations of the customer’s European Union member state which can be applied to the holiday contract between the customer and INTER CHALET are more in favour of the customer than the above specified regulations or the relative German regulations.

The nullity of single agreements of the holiday contract does not cause the nullity of the whole contract.



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Valid from 5 March 2019



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